Mavericks School BETA

Skillshare has always believed in learning by doing.

Now we're launching a new school that has no teachers or classes. Our program is project based, powered by the community, and 100% free.



How Mavericks works

Project Based

Build a portfolio of real-world projects designed by our team of experts.

Peer to Peer Learning

Get project feedback and collaborate with thousands of other students.

Outcome Driven

Access careering coaching and find a new full-time or freelance opportunity.


Prepare for the future of work

Available Now

Product Designer

Learn graphic design, user experience, and product design across mobile, web, iOS, and Android.


Launching Spring 2018

Blockchain Developer

Learn about blockchains, sidechains, smart contracts, cryptography, cryptocurrencies and solidity.


Launching Spring 2018

Data Scientist

Learn to use Python, R and SQL to uncover insights, communicate findings, and create data-driven machine learning solutions.



Curriculum designed by industry leaders

Andrew Mercando


Jenni Lee Winter


Deepa Subramaniam

Kickstarter, Hillary for America, charity: water


Education without cost

What You Get

  • Portfolio of highly relevant projects.
  • A large community of peers working on the same projects.
  • Career assistance and a private list of job opportunities for Mavericks grads.

Pay Nothing


We believe education should be accessible to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

Why We Built Mavericks.

Our goal is simple: to empower people around the world to learn cutting-edge skills and change their lives.
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